Friday, February 11, 2011

Adventures in Gypsyland. Part 2.

There are a bunch of things that I have to do before I die. Going to Australia and trying poledancing are currently pretty high on my imaginary list, and in Gypsyland I got a few others crossed off.
Even a couple I didn't know that were there - eating dried kiwi, for example. I guess it's good I don't know where to buy that where I live, because I was going through the ones I bought at an alarming rate while I had them.
Sugar is good, no?
Gimme that, bitch.

Anywho, on our last night in Barca some of the guys where talking about going to a stripclub, and being the curious person that I am, I wanted to join them. So I did, and a couple of the girls did too.
I'm not into girls at all, but I am/was intrigued. Stripclubs are pretty much clouded in a veil of mystery to girls like me. And probably also a bunch of girls not like me. So I was pretty excited to rip that damn veil o'mystery from those clubs.
Can you say anticlimax?
I must have seen too many Hollywoodproductions, because I expected a bunch of beautiful women, except their boobs would be way too big. And also very fake.

My expectation of a stripclub...
...and what I actually saw.

Well, their boobs were definitely not fake. They were... well... hanging. And their bodies weren't fit. One of them was even kinda fat. Ew.
I thought strippers were doing awesome tricks on the poles. Spinning, climbing... Dunno. Stuff! But they didn't.
Not many balloon-boobs or sexy mamas in there. I'm sorry I have such a perfectionist mind, but I want to see sexy strippers doing cool stunts! Is that so much to ask for?

Still, it was a really funny experience. The men in there was staring at us like they were thinking "why are they wearing clothes? So wrong. Women with clothes on are weird." Which was pretty funny.
Also I don't think those strippers were really strippers. They were probably just prostitutes, judging from the way they acted off-stage and from what some of the guys told me.
Oh well. Stripclubs - I'm not done with you yet. I'll be back!
- But not at that particular stripclub.

Quest: Go to Hollywood, get drunk, find cool stripclub, get drunker.

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