Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Workout Diary - Numero Uno.

I love exercising, and I'm trying to go with a healthier diet, but I slip up all the time. It's not awful, though, because I have a pretty high metabolism, and as I said, I love working out, so I burn most of the calories again.
Still, now autumn's coming, it's getting darker and colder outside and I work nights twice a week, so it's getting a little harder to get out and move my ass around, so I decided to go with a work-out diary last week, which I would post here. That way, if I was lazy and fat, everyone would be able to see it and I would be really embarrassed. It's not crazy detailed, because that wasn't the point, but here's my week:

Monday: 1 hr tennis and a short interval run with a friend - 2,6km incl. warmup.
Tuesday: 1 hr tennis.
Wednesday: Resting (/work)
Thursday: Before noon I went to the fitness center; 15 mins on the "granny machine"1 and strength training for abs, back, arms and legs, pretty much allround.
In the evening I went for a run approx. 4,8km with a "pause" midway where I did 10 push ups, 30 sit ups and 30 back exercises. 29 mins.
Friday: 45 minutes on the bike, went for a long-ass walk, I was drunk, but it still counts!2
Saturday: Fitness center; 25 minutes on the granny machine, did a little core training but I was kind of sore, so I didn't go overboard.
Sunday: Spent the day being fat with a friend.

T-Rex having a lazy day.
Gets his junk food delivered!

1: I've come to understand, that the granny machine is called an elliptical machine by the broad public. When I first met it, though, all I was told was that it was better for your joints than running, and I saw how stupid people looked using it. The sucker looks like this:
Weird stuff, but it's really good for multitasking. I usually study when I use it!

2: Remember, people; drinking means adding calories, but that doesn't mean you can't burn some while you enjoy the effect. Get out on that dancefloor and shake what you got!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Holiday in Spain With My Parents and An Euskadi Hello

I just wanted to post a little update from Spain. Normally I wouldn't waste my precious holiday-time indoors watching tv or being on the internet, but the weather out is some home-y, that it's not that big of a problem.
I'm making it better by drinking some local wine. Supporting the local society here.

Pretty even though it was a really gray day.

I'm in Spain with my parents, driving about. We landed in Madrid on Monday, and currently we are in San Sebastián/Donostia, which is "bask" country. I'm not sure what it is called in English, but they not only speak Castillano, but also their lokal bask dialect of which I understand zero. They seem happy about x's and z's. And in (what seems like) most of the words you have at least one tx, which is pronounced "ch"-like.
I know a little Spanish from high school, and it's gradually coming back to me. It's really awesome to be able to communicate with them in "their" language.
We enjoy their local tapas called pintxos. It's an awesome way to eat, but in Denmark the health guys would've shut all those places down in less than 5 minutes.

I would put some pics in here of my own, but I forgot the thing that'll bring them from my camera to my computer at home, so that will have to wait. I'll put a couple up here when I get home.

Good stuff. Dry, yet fruity.

The Euskadi wine is nice. I quite like this one called Txomin Etxaniz (I think), which is a Txakoli (2011). It's about €8.50 or €7.50 in the local shops, and tastes like a mix of limonade and cider. The alcohol percent is 10,5%, so you can drink more of it than "normal" wine before getting drunk ;)
I'm on my third glass now. Woops...


Sober edit: Put in a couple of pics!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Autumn-Time and Signs From This Summer.

One of the things about having a blog that entertains me the most, is looking through the googles that lead people here. I think I check that more often than I actually post blogs. Or, well, I do check that more often than I post.
I think I may have posted a tad too much on boobs and strippers, because I get quite a few hits from those Google-terms. And I guess I disappoint them, because it's not like there are all that many boobs on this blog. Sorry, creepy dudes...

No strippers with big boobs, but I present to you instead: Four muslim women!

Anywho, I had a great summer, and I'm now fighting against King Winter's arrival. I'm more of a summer girl. Cold is... Rarely awesome. I give props to Greenland, though!
I traveled a lot this summer, and I was in both Germany and France with friends. In those delightful (and slightly warmer than Danish) countries, I noticed some signs that were weird enough to deserve being photographed.
Therefore, I share with you now: signs of fun!

In Germany they have roads that are wheelchair-free!

Lübeck is full of old, pretty buildings. But they also have shops with kinky stuff. My friend and I temporarily stopped our search for dinner to take a ton couple of photos of this building from the 1800s which coincidentally also contains World of Sex!
A better match between building and shop has rarely been seen.

Somewhere else in Germany they sell hedgehogs topped with red apples. Only €54,50!!

In the lovely southern France they have transits where... 13 ton-vehicles explode?

In a week I'm going to Spain with my parents for the autumn-holidays! I'll probably miss company my own age a bit, but no way I'll turn down a trip to Spain!

Have a good one, people!