Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Workout Diary - Numero Uno.

I love exercising, and I'm trying to go with a healthier diet, but I slip up all the time. It's not awful, though, because I have a pretty high metabolism, and as I said, I love working out, so I burn most of the calories again.
Still, now autumn's coming, it's getting darker and colder outside and I work nights twice a week, so it's getting a little harder to get out and move my ass around, so I decided to go with a work-out diary last week, which I would post here. That way, if I was lazy and fat, everyone would be able to see it and I would be really embarrassed. It's not crazy detailed, because that wasn't the point, but here's my week:

Monday: 1 hr tennis and a short interval run with a friend - 2,6km incl. warmup.
Tuesday: 1 hr tennis.
Wednesday: Resting (/work)
Thursday: Before noon I went to the fitness center; 15 mins on the "granny machine"1 and strength training for abs, back, arms and legs, pretty much allround.
In the evening I went for a run approx. 4,8km with a "pause" midway where I did 10 push ups, 30 sit ups and 30 back exercises. 29 mins.
Friday: 45 minutes on the bike, went for a long-ass walk, I was drunk, but it still counts!2
Saturday: Fitness center; 25 minutes on the granny machine, did a little core training but I was kind of sore, so I didn't go overboard.
Sunday: Spent the day being fat with a friend.

T-Rex having a lazy day.
Gets his junk food delivered!

1: I've come to understand, that the granny machine is called an elliptical machine by the broad public. When I first met it, though, all I was told was that it was better for your joints than running, and I saw how stupid people looked using it. The sucker looks like this:
Weird stuff, but it's really good for multitasking. I usually study when I use it!

2: Remember, people; drinking means adding calories, but that doesn't mean you can't burn some while you enjoy the effect. Get out on that dancefloor and shake what you got!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Holiday in Spain With My Parents and An Euskadi Hello

I just wanted to post a little update from Spain. Normally I wouldn't waste my precious holiday-time indoors watching tv or being on the internet, but the weather out is some home-y, that it's not that big of a problem.
I'm making it better by drinking some local wine. Supporting the local society here.

Pretty even though it was a really gray day.

I'm in Spain with my parents, driving about. We landed in Madrid on Monday, and currently we are in San Sebastián/Donostia, which is "bask" country. I'm not sure what it is called in English, but they not only speak Castillano, but also their lokal bask dialect of which I understand zero. They seem happy about x's and z's. And in (what seems like) most of the words you have at least one tx, which is pronounced "ch"-like.
I know a little Spanish from high school, and it's gradually coming back to me. It's really awesome to be able to communicate with them in "their" language.
We enjoy their local tapas called pintxos. It's an awesome way to eat, but in Denmark the health guys would've shut all those places down in less than 5 minutes.

I would put some pics in here of my own, but I forgot the thing that'll bring them from my camera to my computer at home, so that will have to wait. I'll put a couple up here when I get home.

Good stuff. Dry, yet fruity.

The Euskadi wine is nice. I quite like this one called Txomin Etxaniz (I think), which is a Txakoli (2011). It's about €8.50 or €7.50 in the local shops, and tastes like a mix of limonade and cider. The alcohol percent is 10,5%, so you can drink more of it than "normal" wine before getting drunk ;)
I'm on my third glass now. Woops...


Sober edit: Put in a couple of pics!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Autumn-Time and Signs From This Summer.

One of the things about having a blog that entertains me the most, is looking through the googles that lead people here. I think I check that more often than I actually post blogs. Or, well, I do check that more often than I post.
I think I may have posted a tad too much on boobs and strippers, because I get quite a few hits from those Google-terms. And I guess I disappoint them, because it's not like there are all that many boobs on this blog. Sorry, creepy dudes...

No strippers with big boobs, but I present to you instead: Four muslim women!

Anywho, I had a great summer, and I'm now fighting against King Winter's arrival. I'm more of a summer girl. Cold is... Rarely awesome. I give props to Greenland, though!
I traveled a lot this summer, and I was in both Germany and France with friends. In those delightful (and slightly warmer than Danish) countries, I noticed some signs that were weird enough to deserve being photographed.
Therefore, I share with you now: signs of fun!

In Germany they have roads that are wheelchair-free!

Lübeck is full of old, pretty buildings. But they also have shops with kinky stuff. My friend and I temporarily stopped our search for dinner to take a ton couple of photos of this building from the 1800s which coincidentally also contains World of Sex!
A better match between building and shop has rarely been seen.

Somewhere else in Germany they sell hedgehogs topped with red apples. Only €54,50!!

In the lovely southern France they have transits where... 13 ton-vehicles explode?

In a week I'm going to Spain with my parents for the autumn-holidays! I'll probably miss company my own age a bit, but no way I'll turn down a trip to Spain!

Have a good one, people!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Thanks Jules!

So, I actually wrote most of this a while back, but I forgot to post it, so that's why you haven't gotten to see it before now. Apologies.

The lovely Jules over at My Mom's A Whackjob was so kind to award me with... wait for it; an award!
Even though I've been out of the blogging world for a couple of months she still thought I deserved it - thank you so much, Jules!!

1. Thank and link back to the awarding blog. Pff, how is this even a rule? People should do this per auto! I seem to be a little pms'ing bitchy today, please bear with me.
2. Answer seven questions.
3. Provide 10 random factoids about yourself.
4. Hand the award on to 7 deserving others.

7 Questions:

#1. What is your favorite song?
This is a straight up impossible Q to answer! I mean, I can't even tell which band or singer is my favorite. I am too much of a music fan to answer that. It changes a couple of times (1-100) a week. Right now (last 3 days) I've heard Christina Aguilera's Hurt a lot. That woman has an incredible voice. And so pretty to. Damn girl! In The Dark of The Night from the cartoon Anastasia is kinda clinging to me, too. The bridge is awesome. Rasputin is kinda hilarious. What can I do? And then Glee's I Feel Pretty/Unpretty and their cover of Shake It Out is amazing. Loving that too.
None of these song are my ultimate favorite, but merely songs that I hear a lot this week.

#2. What's your favorite desert?
I'm a sucker for ice cream. Adding fresh (preferably sunny, Danish) strawberries doesn't hurt! And blackberries! And most things chocolate are great as well. But ultimately I guess it's ice cream.

#3. What do you do when you are upset?
When I'm really upset and feel powerless I often start crying and I HATE it! It just makes everything worse, but somehow I simply can't help it. It sucks.
The upset stage before that is often laughing. I tend to laugh when I feel stupid or bad at something. And it's not because I find it funny. Believe me.

#4. Which is your favorite pet?
Dunno. I think we've had rabbits at my parents' since I was five, so I have a soft spot for those lil' cuties with their moving noses and flappy ears. Aww.

#5. Which do you prefer, White or Whole Wheat?
Whole wheat for sure. White bread sucks goat balls. It's like eating paper only with much, much more calories. What a waste. I'm no fan of white bread.

#6. What is your your biggest fear?
I don't really know. Probably some cliché like losing all my loved ones and ending up old, wrinkly, weak and alone or hurting someone I care about or whatnot. I'm not going to go there...

#7. What is your attitude mostly?  
I'm positive most of the time. Negative people piss me the fuck off. They're pretty good at getting me down and angry. Oh, and I'm rarely positive in the morning either. I tend to be a little grumpy when I wake up. Sleeping is nice.

#1: I'm a pretty good cook. At both food, bread and desserts. I kinda kick ass at those.

#2: I hate cleaning with a passion. This feeling extends to the kitchen. It's my numero uno showstopper when I'm cooking or planning to. I hate the cleaning afterwards.

#3: During last autumn I starting liking nail polish all of a sudden. Bought quite a few colours, which I like using. Unfortunately I've got really small and flaky nails, so it doesn't look as awesome as it should I would like it to look.

#4: I got really introvert after being bullied when I started school. I'm turning that around now, even though it's not easy. Don't bully, and don't accept anyone doing it. Raise your children to be aware of it, and not doing it. Kids can be way too mean.

#5: I don't watch a lot of tv, but I watch many tv shows on the internet. Woops.

#6: I have a broad musical taste, but how Danish "musicians" get played so much on our radio stations beats me. A little too much national pride, I guess...

#7: I'm currently in the middle of a life/career crisis. It's just too hard to decide what to do after summer. I'm being pulled in too many directions. It's constantly on my mind, which feels like pressure. Not awesome.

#8: The Lonely Island is my jam. So many of my friends play it at parties, and I listen to it when I'm alone as well. I know too many of their lyrics. It's borderline embarrasing.

#9: If only I remembered study-related stuff as well as lyrics, I think I'd do better with less bother. Mmmh. Lovely thought!
#10: I'm a little bit of a rebel sometimes. Not in the "I'm a stupid, destructive monkey with mommy/daddy issues. Look at me. Please?"-way. Just in the "wait what? Are you serious, well... This would be smarter. Boom!"-way. Elegantly put, I know, haha. Stupid rules are meant to be broken.

Deserving others? I hope it doesn't have to be people who necessarily see this, because stalking rarely goes both ways, you know. Just kidding. Though not really. But really.
Anywho, a couple of peeps...

Kage's blog is awesome. Her life is so different from mine in so many ways, and I like how she writes about it :)

Swatch and Learn - the blog I go to for my nailpolish obsession. Though I in no way have as many polishes or am as commited as Mary, I like checking out her swatches. Because they're really good, and she's a very nice person who answers everybody who comments.

Hyperbole and a Half - Doesn't get updated a lot anymore, I think she got a gig with writing a book instead. But the old posts are still up and hilarious.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Save Siccar Point!

For once I feel a need to be serious, and raise awareness for a case that I recently discovered.
I just found out that a company called Drysdales is planning to put up some kind of a factory for processing vegetables very near a world famous geological site called Siccar Point in Scotland where Hutton's Uncomformity can be seen.

Hutton's Unconformity, pic from http://www.geos.ed.ac.uk/

An unconformity is a geological phenomenon where a hiatus can be seen. That means, that for a period of time no deposition was being made, or erosion took place, so the strata contains no informations for a shorter or longer period of time (in geology that's mainly measured in millions of years).

Hutton's Unconformity (an angular unconformity), notice the geohammer for scale.
See how there are two different kinds of "directions" of the rock - the lower part is vertical and the higher part is closer to being horizontal? The change is close to the shaft of the hammer, which is also where the unconformity is.

So now you may, rightly, be saying something along the lines of "vegetables? That's not so bad, is it?" And at first I agree with you. The problem is that they're leading their agricultural waste directly into the ocean, and also that they will dig a trench across the area which they will fill up with concrete. From what I understand that is the plan for now, but who's to say that they won't expand and perhaps build a factory later on?

My point is, I think it would suck majorly to ruin a beautiful piece of nature by sticking ugly, noisy, polluting industry in the middle of it.

If you want to read more and perhaps take some kind of action or just raise awareness of this case like I do, you can read a lot more on the site http://www.savesiccarpoint.co.uk/#help

Thanks a bunch, guys.
- Charlotte.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Shopping 2nd Hand

Okay people, let's save the world! It's totally easy. Or not.
But as I expected shopping 2nd hand is a really good way to shop without as much of a guilty conscience battering you for the next loooong while, and also you feel like you're supporting some of those less fortunate.

"Saving the world" is bs. The world will go on, question is simply if life as we know it will come along for the ride or not.
Which is basically impossible seen on a slightly larger perspective.
(Yay, geology...)

I'm quite a sceptic when it comes to certain things; Justin Bieber being more than 15 years old, chocolate being unhealthy and beggars (at least in Denmark) and some of the organizations that supposedly send all the money to the deserving in Africa or the latest country that had an earthquate that scored higher than a 5 or 6 or whatever on the good ol' Richter scale.
Some beggars make a shitload of money, which is slightly frustrating for students or other people with a job which the common society approves of.
(If I don't approve of the common society, where does that leave me?)
The help organizations only actually send somewhere around 40% of what they get to the places people want their money to go. They have their reasons, though. For instance they have to pay for their offices and so forth, and for campaigns...
Anywho, some is better than nothing, but I'd rather just get a bit more than just the "buying-myself-a-cleaner-conscience"-feeling. So instead I donate clothes that I don't use anymore, and I finally started buying used clothes too. Or at least a nice scarf. And some books, but they weren't really from a HEYYOU!YESYOU-LET'SSAVETHEWORLD!!!-place.
I'll put in a pic of the scarf if I get around to it. I mean, saving the world here guys... And/or stuff.

I guess I'll leave you at that. More than enough, I guess.

On the subject of pop - I approve of this song. It's kinda awesome!
"No more sick whiskey dick" - I dare not google the lyrics in case that ain't what she actually sings...

Monday, July 16, 2012

Dating vs. Hollywood

One of the most annoying things about all these Hollywood-made movies and series is their take on looooove and dating. Seriously, how do these people always get dates and find person whom they find attractive? In less than a month?! And how do they even have the time?
Anyone with answers to one or more of these questions, please do enlighten me!

One of my favorite love stories for sure!

I recently started dating the cousin of a friend of mine, and I'm so paranoid about it. He doesn't text me a lot, but the few times we've hung out he hasn't seemed uninterested. I do not get it. At all. I'm really confused and annoyed, and I don't want to keep being the one to take initiatives, it's just too weird, I think. I don't know.
Also, what's up with the dude always paying everything? That sucks, what happened to equality, guys? I feel slightly awkward if the guy pays everything. But it's kinda nice if he offers. Gentlemen are not to be frowned upon!
I'm rambling and not making a lot of sense. Apologies.

On the bright side, I guess, something is actually happening in my "love life" currently. The frustration and anxiety is a minor detail, I suppose.
Other than that, the Danish summer is pretty crappy again this year, but I've got a holiday planned in Southern France, so soon I'll wave goodbye to (literally) grey days and rainy weather. Then I just have to find a gorgeous French dude and forget about what goes on back home.
If I lived in a Hollywood production it would not be a problem and there would be 3 possible paths forward:

1. I'd find an amaaazing guy and forget all about my problems at home, and get a happy ever after.*
2. He would come running after me, realising what he's missing, and we'd live happily ever after.*
3. I would realize, halfway through my vacation, that all I ever wanted is at home, have a perfect game plan that would work, and live happily ever after.*

I will end this post's rambling with a little motivation. For paddling or going on vacation somewhere exotic or to spend more time googl'ing shit. Have a nice week, peeps!

Yippie kay yay, motherfucker!

*Until the sequel.

P.S. Who the hell googles "check out my tits dad"?! That's just wrong. Or very, very weird at the very least. And wrong.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Apples Are Good. Apple, Though? Not So Much.

Minor rage. I've never really been a fan of Apple.
Yes, sure. Point the flamethrowers this way, go ahead.
But for real? Overpriced merchandice designed designed to break 1-3 days after the warranty expires? I guess it, objectively speaking, is rather impressive to make stuff like that. And keep one's custumors. Kudos.

If your Apple product does not remind you of something like this after the warranty has expired, well, it's probably not really Apple. Sorry.

My iPod Touch is currently doing the shuffle. Not the shuffle I want it to do, but a shuffle where it laughs at me by turning off and on by it self. Sometimes in the middle of a track. Jeez. I just can't love that on my 25-30 minute bike ride to/from work, or shopping close to a screaming kid during the rush. Also, WHY will you not let me play Wordfeud for more than one word/20 mins, iGuilty, WHY?

If I named my iPod Touch iGuilty? Why, yes, I most certainly did. On shuffle it plays popmusic rather often. Usually resulting in me dancing around like a crazy person. And jamming along. Woops.

What finally triggered this little, hating, blog-rage is that because of these problems I'm looking to buy a new one. How much that costs? Oh, $400, kinda expensive, but ok, I work a lot currently, so I guess I can afford it. Ohhh, taxes, you say, so $430? So the $400 is just your rich asses making more profit on that sleek design, yet crap product? Lovely.
And if I buy it in Denmark? The price equals somewhere around $600 - lovely, innit?
Beats me how Apple keeps owning such a large part of the market.

Don't even get me started on the iPad.
I keep wondering if it's good at absorbing liquids,

If anybody knows a nice alternative to an iPod Touch, I'd love to hear it. Preferably something that will let me geek Wordfeud.

Looks like FUN! And who has never wanted to do this?
Picture impolitely borrowed from this place.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

My 4 Month Hiatus Is Over. For Now.

I haven't been in here much the last 4 months, I know. But that's just what happened when I suddenly had less internet access than what I was (am) used to.
I've been doing so much amazing and fun stuff, and I can't sum half of it up now, so I won't bother.

One thing that I do find interesting upon returning, is that my blog is still visited. Mainly by random passers-by that google weird stuff. Some of it leaves me in a state of "... what?" - but weird Googlers, please continue to search for weird things. It's just too entertaining.
Apparently people wanting to see "fat guy on a bike demotivational" comes here. I'm not sure I have what you're looking for, but here's... Well, I wanted to give you a fatty on a bike, but found a comic insted. I'll share!

Early merry Christmas!

Meanwhile, I'm beginning to fear I'll turn into a fatty (sometimes on a bike), after having spent 7 weeks on a ship in the northern Atlantic Ocean. There I (on average) had cake every day. More than once. Yeah, that'll make most of us slightly overweight.
Now I'm looking for a job, and might become a mail(wo)man, so I guess that'll help. Also I can go running whenever I want to now, without having to consider how much my current platform is rolling. Not bad, I know!

I'm not this much overweight, but I think it's an awesome photo. And I want to try that!
(Preferably somewhere too warm for icebergs and on a boat smaller than 3500 tons...)

I somehow lost my earphones while in the Atlantic, and I'm not exactly a fan of running to begin with, so without music... Well, doesn't really work out awesomely for me. I have ordered some new ones, and they should be here any day now, so I'm anxiously checking my mail every day.
Going for tennis later, and trying to think about what I eat, so I hope I'll lose those extra kg's soon enough!

This says it all.