Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Shopping 2nd Hand

Okay people, let's save the world! It's totally easy. Or not.
But as I expected shopping 2nd hand is a really good way to shop without as much of a guilty conscience battering you for the next loooong while, and also you feel like you're supporting some of those less fortunate.

"Saving the world" is bs. The world will go on, question is simply if life as we know it will come along for the ride or not.
Which is basically impossible seen on a slightly larger perspective.
(Yay, geology...)

I'm quite a sceptic when it comes to certain things; Justin Bieber being more than 15 years old, chocolate being unhealthy and beggars (at least in Denmark) and some of the organizations that supposedly send all the money to the deserving in Africa or the latest country that had an earthquate that scored higher than a 5 or 6 or whatever on the good ol' Richter scale.
Some beggars make a shitload of money, which is slightly frustrating for students or other people with a job which the common society approves of.
(If I don't approve of the common society, where does that leave me?)
The help organizations only actually send somewhere around 40% of what they get to the places people want their money to go. They have their reasons, though. For instance they have to pay for their offices and so forth, and for campaigns...
Anywho, some is better than nothing, but I'd rather just get a bit more than just the "buying-myself-a-cleaner-conscience"-feeling. So instead I donate clothes that I don't use anymore, and I finally started buying used clothes too. Or at least a nice scarf. And some books, but they weren't really from a HEYYOU!YESYOU-LET'SSAVETHEWORLD!!!-place.
I'll put in a pic of the scarf if I get around to it. I mean, saving the world here guys... And/or stuff.

I guess I'll leave you at that. More than enough, I guess.

On the subject of pop - I approve of this song. It's kinda awesome!
"No more sick whiskey dick" - I dare not google the lyrics in case that ain't what she actually sings...

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