Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dirty Dancing-Lift #1

So, I just got home from this christmas-event where people got drunk, danced, and had fun.
I had the best time, and I'm still appropriately drunk, so please excuse any mistakes...

Anywho. What I really wanted to tell you, was, that I got to try a "Dirty Dancing"-lift today.
You know... Like this:

Oh yeah, baby (hee hee), I did that! 

Only both of us were pretty drunk, and there was no water - just the floor.
I don't think I'd dare to do it while sober, but, seriously, it's on the top 10 of the funniest things I've ever done.

We didn't do it perfectly though, so we agreed that in half a year - at the summer party - I'll have shredded 5 kgs off my weight, and he'll put on 5 kgs of muscle on his arms, and then we'll do it to perfection!

The whole weight-thing, is probably gonna happen though, but I'm definitely up for trying it again.

-It's the best thing ever.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Url Is Among Us!

So, my friend and I discussed blogging a few days ago, and we were both like "hey! Let's make one each! It'll be great!!!" So we did. We were full of enthusiasm, and felt safe knowing, that even if his two mysterious visitors wouldn't return, we could always just check out each others' blogs, and that's one visitor already! Since humans have a certain amount of herd instinct we happily agreed, that our scribbles would be admired by many within a short while. As they say: "Where there's one there's many."

Anywho, visitors or not, this was not our main concern. We needed topics of course, great and many. And then I needed a good, solid name for my new blog. Before I had decided on a name, my friend wrote and asked me for "urlen" (= Danish for "the URL", only he wrote those precious letters in lower-case which lead to all this).
This would've been all good, had I been bright enough to recognize the word. I wasn't, though, and this led to an interesting discussion of "the url's" origin and species.
I figured it must be an animal, and in my head I envisioned a marvellous Cousin It-like creature. It was hairy and maroon, and it looked a little confused to be where it was. I just may have been the first to ever think of it. My friend drew his idea of "the url" and posted it on his blog, and because of the difference between our ideas, I felt like sharing my point of view as well:
The url in all it's hairy pride. I'm not sure if it spoke to begin with, but while I was drawing it felt like expressing its feelings.
It is beautiful, isn't it?

I am slightly competetive, and have been feeling the pressure to get this first entry out. My friend, of course, wrote something within hours from our little discussion.
If anybody's out there, you're more than welcome to comment, note which picture of the mysterious "url" you feel is more correct and even (definitely) post your own idea!
He (friend) dares to say the url resembles a retarded dog, although I'd say his creative skills are showing us a horse: The Storm is Gathering's "url".

Power to the url, and have a lovely December!