Monday, October 31, 2011

Review: Within Temptation, Falconer Theatre, 25/10/2011.

Figured I'd try my hand at concert reviewing - why not.

So, after moving my exam I hurried back home 24th October so I would be ready to rock out at the (very, very anticipated) Within Temptation concert in the Falconer Theatre (Falconér Salen) in Copenhagen, Denmark the next day.
The concert was originally supposed to happen (in March!) at Store Vega, but sold out and was moved to a bigger venue: KB Hallen. Then the lead singer of the band, Sharon den Adel, got pregnant and the show was moved to October. Then, about a week before the show, KB Hallen burned and luckily the concert was moved to the Falconer Theatre.
This last piece of news was a spoonfull of awesome, since the acoustics of KB Hallen are (they're rebuilding the thing) (in)famous for being... Well, politely and politically correct put; sub par. Or you could say "awful".

I went with a couple of friends, and when we got there, we made the (in my opinion) not-awesome decision of placing ourselves at the top balcony, where we could sit (completely unnecessary) and see the stage at all times (which was what convinced me to do it).

At about 20.00 the warm-up band Triggerfinger went on stage. Although I wasn't a big fan of their music, they delivered a great show with loads of energy. I enjoyed watching them, but was impatiently waiting for the main gig. As well as most others, it seems. Sorry guys, but still - great job!

Lead singer of Triggerfinger.
Rock on!
At about 21.00 Within Temptation finally took the stage (I'd literally waited a year for them), starting out with a Mother Maiden short-film (the backdrop was a screen showing musicvideos and stuff while the band played), which didn't surprise me.Even though I'm not loving the short films, I think they made for a great part of the concert. Right after the shortfilm ended, they started off with Shot in the Dark. The band was amazingly energetic - most things are probably less energetic than Triggerfinger, but Within Temptation sure kept the energy levels up. I don't remember the exact sequence of the songs (I was busy partying with the show), but cheating a bit, it was something like this:

Shot in the Dark
In The Middle of The Night
Fire And Ice
Ice Queen
The Howling
Our Solemn Hour
Stand My Ground
What Have You Done
See Who I Am
Mother Earth

Stairway to the Skies

How does she both sing like an angel and look like one?!

Commenting on just a couple of the tracks, or more:
I was a little surprised they started out with four TU-tracks in a row. Two of my friends seemingly hadn't heard the new album (why? I don't know...), so I guess it was a little weird for them, although one of them tried to sing along. It was awesome. I was, of course "singing" along through the entire concert, even though I was placed with the boring people who were just watching. Concerts like this are supposed to be dynamic and fun, it's not classical!

Then came Ice Queen - completely surprising me (not for the last time that night), going from some of the newest to some of the oldest. The backdrop showed snowy mountains and beautiful sceneries. Being a complete geek (loves it), I was thinking (the entire time) "arrrh, the sky isn't blue in the mountains when it's snowing like that" and "hmm, I wonder what kinds of moutains they are".
After this we got The Howling and Our Solemn Hour - both great tracks, followed by Stand My Ground - and the crowd went crazy. The friend I sat (sigh) next to and I were pretty much singing screaming along as loud as we could through the entire song.

Awesomesauce x 10

Then Sinéad (awesome) and What Have You Done, of course resulting in the crowd screaming "what have you done now?" as loud as possible - whenever possible.
After this we got Iron followed by, finally, Angels which is one of my through-and-through favorite tracks by Within Temptation. Might be the first one I heard, and it certainly holds a special place in my heart.
Then came Memories, a little bit of the same style, and also a track from The Silent Force. After this they played See Who I Am, and the one song I'm still the most surprised they played: Mother Earth.

Looking amazing live, just sayin'.
It was incredible to hear Mother Earth live, it's an awesome track, and people seemed to be loving it. I'm pretty biased, since I sure was (loving it, like McD loves fat people).
In the end we got a final bonus track (or encore, I guess): Stairway to the Skies. A very good song, and rather good to end on. I guess. If it has to end. Which it did.

After the concert Sharon and one of the guys jumped down and met a couple of the fans which, to me, shows that not only are they great musicians - they're also really nice and down to earth kinds of people. Unfortunately I didn't get to say hi, but I loved the show, even though I didn't think it was long enough. At all. But they played for almost an hour and a half, so in the end it's not all bad, and I guess they would be exhausted if they played for two or three hours every night. Can't blame 'em.
And in the end I prefer quality over quantity.

Great show - thanks a lot!

Sharon sang amazing and the band played incredibly well, I'm so impressed. Only thing that bugged me was the lighting - it might just be my unfortunate, high position, but I got blinded quite a few times, which was a little annoying when I wanted to see more of the great show down on the scene.
Otherwise it was the best. My neck hurt both Wednesday and Thursday, which is a record by me. More proof of a great concert!

I found a stairway to the skies in the end.
Within Temptaion, please come back to Denmark. Soon.

Finally I would just like to mention that we found a place to buy a beer (or two, or seven. Whatever) after the concert. Wasn't easy, not many places are open on a Tuesday night. Got kicked out from a couple of places because they closed hella early (1am or something, weird), but one of the places contained guys drinking Bacardi Breezer, so I was happy to get back to Sam's Bar with beer and karaokee. Insane standards for singing in there, by the way. If it's that way every night, it's like going to a fairly good concert - only a lot cheaper.

The Holy Internet Which Holds Answers To All Your Questions.

Anywho, last year I got myself a nice little Helix-piercing in my left ear. I love it, and I think my mother has learned to ignore it although it seemed like they were mortal enemies for the first couple of months. Thing is, I might like to change it, even though I really like my beloved, simple Blackline-ring which currently recides there.

Looking something like this. Only blacker.
Yes, that's a word.

The problem, then, is that I don't know how to get the damn thing out.
I know I googled it before (a while ago... Might've been months) and found youtube-videos showing what to do. Most of them involved tools, which is really annoying because I'm not rich, and would rather spend money on fun stuff (new piercing?) than on tools.
My point is, that all of this seems to have vanished into thin air. How the hell did that happen? Google has allied with the devil? Or Apple? Same shit different name?

Yeah, no, this is not a Halloween costume.

If anybody has some tips of awesomeness for easy removal (besides "go to your piercer"), it would be awesome to get them in here. I'm 99,9% sure I can't be the only one with this problem.
Also, I tried to get my major keywords in here, Blackline piercing, removal (although that sounds so harsh - I want to keep it, I just... want see what it looks like with other jewellry. I'm not cheating on my piercing... Right?) so maybe someone will find it. Like life on Mars.
So gather round, pierced geniousses, and let me (and the Internet) know what you know!

If nobody answers, I'll know Google's behind this conspiracy!!!

...Not really.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Busy, lazy life. Hello.

It's been forever (give or take) since I updated this, but I'm ill and staying with my parents for a couple of days and the internet is failing me (can't watch my precious moreorless guilty pleasure series online), so I was reading other blogs and decided to update this a bit.

The Vampire Diaries would not contain the same amounts of awesomeness without the picture-part working properly. Mmmh...

So I started uni a couple of months ago, and it's been crazy. I'm just loving it. The people, the place, the courses (or well, some of them) and then - table soccer. My new #1 procrastination-tool. We have a free table down at the institute, and being a very small institute all the way down one end of the unipark it's usually rather easy to get to use it. For a couple of hours...

Another thing I've noted in my new academic life is the amazing amounts of beer. Exam done? Beer! Friday? Beer! In the mood for beer? More beer!
I've never drunk this much ever before, and I didn't even like beer before I started uni. Well, after a week of possibly drinking more beer than water, I guess I kinda got used to it. Also, it's cheaper than drinks!

This looks quite a bit like my new average Friday afternoon/evening.
Except for the old person, the suit and the shameless lack of beer.

My internet is driving me batshit crazy, so I'll end this  post and check for a FF-update.
Pleeeease make it better!!!