Thursday, May 31, 2012

Apples Are Good. Apple, Though? Not So Much.

Minor rage. I've never really been a fan of Apple.
Yes, sure. Point the flamethrowers this way, go ahead.
But for real? Overpriced merchandice designed designed to break 1-3 days after the warranty expires? I guess it, objectively speaking, is rather impressive to make stuff like that. And keep one's custumors. Kudos.

If your Apple product does not remind you of something like this after the warranty has expired, well, it's probably not really Apple. Sorry.

My iPod Touch is currently doing the shuffle. Not the shuffle I want it to do, but a shuffle where it laughs at me by turning off and on by it self. Sometimes in the middle of a track. Jeez. I just can't love that on my 25-30 minute bike ride to/from work, or shopping close to a screaming kid during the rush. Also, WHY will you not let me play Wordfeud for more than one word/20 mins, iGuilty, WHY?

If I named my iPod Touch iGuilty? Why, yes, I most certainly did. On shuffle it plays popmusic rather often. Usually resulting in me dancing around like a crazy person. And jamming along. Woops.

What finally triggered this little, hating, blog-rage is that because of these problems I'm looking to buy a new one. How much that costs? Oh, $400, kinda expensive, but ok, I work a lot currently, so I guess I can afford it. Ohhh, taxes, you say, so $430? So the $400 is just your rich asses making more profit on that sleek design, yet crap product? Lovely.
And if I buy it in Denmark? The price equals somewhere around $600 - lovely, innit?
Beats me how Apple keeps owning such a large part of the market.

Don't even get me started on the iPad.
I keep wondering if it's good at absorbing liquids,

If anybody knows a nice alternative to an iPod Touch, I'd love to hear it. Preferably something that will let me geek Wordfeud.

Looks like FUN! And who has never wanted to do this?
Picture impolitely borrowed from this place.

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