Sunday, October 7, 2012

Autumn-Time and Signs From This Summer.

One of the things about having a blog that entertains me the most, is looking through the googles that lead people here. I think I check that more often than I actually post blogs. Or, well, I do check that more often than I post.
I think I may have posted a tad too much on boobs and strippers, because I get quite a few hits from those Google-terms. And I guess I disappoint them, because it's not like there are all that many boobs on this blog. Sorry, creepy dudes...

No strippers with big boobs, but I present to you instead: Four muslim women!

Anywho, I had a great summer, and I'm now fighting against King Winter's arrival. I'm more of a summer girl. Cold is... Rarely awesome. I give props to Greenland, though!
I traveled a lot this summer, and I was in both Germany and France with friends. In those delightful (and slightly warmer than Danish) countries, I noticed some signs that were weird enough to deserve being photographed.
Therefore, I share with you now: signs of fun!

In Germany they have roads that are wheelchair-free!

L├╝beck is full of old, pretty buildings. But they also have shops with kinky stuff. My friend and I temporarily stopped our search for dinner to take a ton couple of photos of this building from the 1800s which coincidentally also contains World of Sex!
A better match between building and shop has rarely been seen.

Somewhere else in Germany they sell hedgehogs topped with red apples. Only €54,50!!

In the lovely southern France they have transits where... 13 ton-vehicles explode?

In a week I'm going to Spain with my parents for the autumn-holidays! I'll probably miss company my own age a bit, but no way I'll turn down a trip to Spain!

Have a good one, people!

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