Thursday, February 24, 2011

An Award? But Isn't That For People Who Like To Dress Up In Overly Expensive Clothing?

(Which I don't mind. I just need somebody to pay for the party. Any volunteers?)

Incredibleness happened. Again. I guess.
Maybe I should stop drinking so much, or perhaps I should keep up the good work since I get so many fun stories out of it.
This was not alcohol induced. Or actually just may have been, just not directly.

What happened was I got an award. For my blog. Who would've guessed?
Wait, don't answer that!
I got it from Kage Mrs. Rollins, whose blog you should go check out, even if you just came by my blog looking for pictures of more or less naked people.

-You know you're jealous!

After some research, I found out that the lovely piece of bling actually means I have to do stuff. I'm reminded, just a teeny tiny bit, of my childhood with chainletters and stuff. With I never got much out of. Well, this time - I'm on top of things! Mwahahahahahahaha.
I haven't been in the whole blogging-universe-thingy-licious-ish-thing for too long, so I'm only able to give you five new, or not new, blogs to stalk. Which you should. Because they're awesome.

Hyperbole and a Half (This will for sure have you rolling on the floor laughing at least a couple of times.)

The Gathering Storm (My good friend Michael. He likes to diss Twilight.)

Sugar Free Thoughts (I don't think there's any artificial sweetener either.)

The Didactic Pirate (Ninjas are awesome, but pirates definitely are too!)

Sex, Sequins + Sociopaths (The mighty blog/bloggess from where I got this award in the first place. At first I was thinking "Oh... I probably can't send it back," but then I figured that my blog = my rules, and that I've already bent them today, so why not just continue? Seems to work out fine for me.) 


You only got five blogs, but I won't cheat you for the 7 random things about me. Which you probably don't know. Warning: Sacriledge coming up.

1. I'm going to be the first female pope. That's right bitches beloved subjects, you'll all bow down to me some day. And give me money for my houses and clothes and whateverthehell I want. Willingly! Because that will ensure your road to Paradise. I'll be Charlotte I, and all future female popes (popettes?) will have to name themselves after me. Then I'll start taking ninja courses and be even more awesome.

2. I'm not actually religious even though I'm baptized (as a Protestant). When I was preparing to be confirmed, however, I figured out that this religion-thing wasn't really my thing. This will not be an obstacle on my road to pope/popessdom.

3. I like to read, like a good little geek. A small, annoying detail is, that once it's schoolwork it suddenly becomes at lot less interesting. It really doesn't matter what it is. Even NCIS became slightly less interesting when I discovered an excuse way to watch it for an exam.

4. I'm a teensy, weensy bit competetive. Just sometimes. *cough*... I don't know how I got both that and the "extreme laziness"-gene. Oh, and I love doing sports. How did this happen? It's like a trainwreck sometimes.

5. I'm addicted to a bunch of tv-series. It's actually really, really embarrasing. It's my guilty pleasure, and I can't seem to get enough. They also make me turn into a slightly judging gossip. There are even a couple of reality shows I'm addicted to. Megavideo is my friend. When they don't do their bitchy "infringement" thing. I might create a popely decree against it, once I've taken residence and so forth.

6. 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazin. 'Nuff said.

7. Every now and then I try to find stuff by "ctrl+f" or thinking/saying "ACCIO [insert wished item]!" I just tried it on sushi, and was sorely dissapointed by the outcome. The day it actually does work I might faint.

I thought about writing some boring info, like "English is not my first language, but my second. Surprise!?" But I figured you already guessed that one.
I'm sorry it took me a while, but my teachers are (between blablablas) throwing a shitload of papers and essays my way.
Have fun!


  1. Haaaa! I just got this award from Kage and just, like, four seconds ago published my post about it. How funny!

    (oh, tell your friend Michael I have a little blurb on my blog about a recent visit to Forks. Twilight dissing was involved. It's the "coffee in the shitter" post)

    Cheers, Charlotte!

  2. "2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazin. 'Nuff said."

    uh.....nope, it's not.

    and thank-you for giving the award back to me! that's very sweet ;)

    we should just keep giving it back and forth to each other. like rabies.



  3. Heather - I told Michael :)

    Kage - Hahahah, I've just had so much fun with that word (I make my own fun. Other people are too slow!) we used the stuff in chemestry last year. Joy.

    Haha, no problem. It would be pretty hard, though, to post 7 new, interesting things about oneself every week. That might be a problem...