Monday, January 31, 2011

Adventures in Gypsyland. Part 1.

Last night I returned home from a very serious studying trip with my class.
Very serious.
We went to Barcelona with math and physics. And I don't think anything about these two subject was mentioned, even by the teachers, while we were there. We went on some obligatory trips to the classical turist traps, and before the trip we were told that we must bring this folder that had some stuff about hyperbolic cosine and stuff in it, but on the entire trip (3,5 days) we weren't told to open it at all. I don't think the teachers mentioned it one single time.
Which again reminds me that I overheard them talking about how they felt refreshed after the trip, and how lovely it was to get to sleep in. Uhm... Saturday we had to be outside the hotel at 9 am. Nine, people.
Even when I don't get drunk the night before, I don't get up that early in my weekend.

This is what the students looked/felt like at 9 am...
...and the teachers seemed to think "Yay! Morning! Getupgetupgetup!"

I have never been to Barca before, and people have been yapping about all the thieves over there, and how so many people get their money and stuff stolen. I was like "yeah, right, whatever," because I know that people always overexaggerate. Which is, by the way, really annoying. However, when I woke up on the second day there, one of the girls told me that she had had her wallet with half her money stolen.
Oh shit...
From then on I was like a suspicious old lady, casting my evil eyes on all the gypsy-like people who might or might not try tried to steal my things.

Of all the things we saw, I loved La Boqueria the most. For sure. Fresh and dried fruit, meat, fish, nuts, candy, chocolate, delicious smoothies. Fantastic smells and sights. Wow. If only there had been a little fewer people, I would have spent too much so much time in there. Some of the people in the market were really angry/sour little people who should go out and party with the other gypsies, because that's just bad selling strategy. Seriously. I still enjoyed the market a lot though. It was such an experience. I want one here too! And fresh, yummy strawberries for €2/kg. Pleeeeease.

We also saw La Sagrada Familia, Casa Mila, Parc Güell and Montjuïc, so we did not get enough time to explore on our own. Damn.
Exciting (more or less, at least) adventures will be scattered over my blog during the next while. I'll be back!

Oh... And there's this place on the Rambla called Pita House or something like that. Don't ever eat there. It's disgusting, expensive food.

Have a nice evening :D


  1. hey! where did you get that picture of me before 9 am?!

  2. What can I say... Google works in mysterious ways, and currently seems to like/stalk you a lot.