Sunday, January 16, 2011

You look like... who?!

Good evening folks.

Here I am, innocently trying to go to bed. I (mentally, at least) put my homework away, shut down the streaming of all those tv-series I'm addicted to, and started preparing for the sweet salvation of sleep, when I decided I had to tell my friend about this guy in my Spanish class who has the IQ of a small dog (at best) and who, a little while ago, loudly proclaimed that he looked like Lil' Wayne and someone who I'm afraid I don't exactly remember. Some famous, white movie star like George Clooney or Brad Pitt. I laughed pretty hard had a minor coughing fit, because

1) the classmate mentioned is a small, white guy with short, brown-ish hair (not anything resembling either of the mentioned celebs), and not particularly looking like either of those mentioned in any other way.
2) how can he look like a black rapper with long dreadlocks AND some tall, handsome, white moviestar at the same time??

Anywho. I presented this scenario to my friend, and then remembered that I've heard that there are pages on the internet where you put in two pictures, and then the page will give you the "baby" that these to people would create together. 
I thought of Lil' Wayne. 
Then I thought of George Clooney and Brad Pitt, and got a mental picture too entertaining to ignore.

I tracked down one of these pages, to see if perhaps the combination of Lil' Wayne and either of the two other gentlemen would make a child looking like this guy. 
It didn't. 
But what it did was entertaining.

This led to far too much spent combining random celebs and non-celebs to see the outcome. 
I say "time well spent," but somehow I doubt my math-teacher would agree.

Brad Pitt and Ian Somerhalder.
I'm sad to say, that (even though they both have way-above average looks) they would not make pretty babies (according to this site at least). It took me 10-20 tries to get this result. And it's the prettiest by far.

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