Saturday, January 8, 2011

Belated happy new year, and congrats to our crownprince and crownprincess.

A belated happy to year, folks. I wish you all a great year to come.
My 2010 started poorly, but gained momentum and ended up being pretty awesome. I still have the best friends, got some good grades in the end of the schoolyear, got a pretty good summer job and in the end of the year I actually managed to start hitting those little, round, yellow buggers a little better. To avoid too much confusion I'll spell it out: I play tennis, to which I have a pretty extreme love/hate-relationship.

The new year started out fine, nothing much happened to me. Started school again, and my body seemed to get rather confused that I tried to convince it to sleep before 3 in the morning, and then beat it up again around 7. But I must admit - I'm with you body, I don't want to go to bed by 23 and get up at 7, but some sadistic bastard decided that school must start in the wee hours of the morning. For those lovely days where I'm in school 8-16 I don't really get to see daylight. Whatever that is...
I actually managed to get some homework done for this first week, and I think I did ok on a biology-test.
Happy new year, students. Here's a test for you.

Now I just need to get started on my two papers for next week. I'll get it done. I hope.
Nothing extremely exciting is happening in my personal life at the moment, I'm having a lot of fun, and I'm counting my blessings and enjoying the moment, but nothing out of the ordinary is currently going on.

However, this morning the crownprincess Mary gave birth to twins: a girl and a boy. The birth went great and the family is doing great. The couple now have 4 children; two boys and two girls.
So, congratulations, Mary and Frederik, with the little additions to your family, I wish you all the best.

Aren't they sweet? ;)

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