Friday, July 1, 2011

I WILL Leave My Hat On, Thank You Very Much...

It's been a while - but in that while I graduated. At long last I got that wonder of a hat put on my head.
And it's just been a bunch of crazy days since then. Since my last exam was on the last possible day the craziness started off right away. I've never spent this much money on eating (and drinking) out in a week and a half before. But we're having fun. A lot of fun.
Some of us... Too much fun.

Wait... How did this happen?

Right, so that didn't happen. Not for me at least.
-Oh, and my hat is a bit more discreet than that one...
But I'm being told my new standard can be described by the lovely word "naked".
It's a tradition that we go for some skinny dipping when we get our hat, and I'd already done it once but apparently my very drunk alterego felt like it would be an EXCELLENT idea to repeat the fun at 4 or 5 in the morning the other day. In front of a bunch of people that I know/don't know. Gotta love that. Especially because I thought that people only saw me from the back, and I'm being told that they most certainly did not only see that.
I'm still hoping they're just trying to make me feel embarrased or something...

They should put up signs like this everywhere I go when I'm drunk from what I hear.
Just remove the "sun"-part. We don't really get any of that in Denmark anyways...

I hope I'm done with the whole "yay, I'm so drunk that I'm naked"-thing. I'm not sure it would make the best impression at college. It would, probably, make an impression, but I'm not sure it's the image I'm going for, haha...
Deadline for signing up for uni is 5th July, but I'm planning on doing it now. At least my lovely 'rentals are telling me to...

On an endnote for this very brief post, I'll just say that I met some pathetic loser in the city last night who told me and a couple of friends that it was "about time to take that hat off". HELL no! Just because he's too stupid to get any kind of an education doesn't mean I won't be happy that I got one - and show it. Take a chill pill, dude - it's only been about a week.

And now: PARTY ON!!

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  1. "I'm not sure it would make the best impression at college."

    are you kidding? that's how i got into college.