Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Danish Summer, Live It and Love It.

The Danish summer is all about sunshine and butterflies. We always have the best weather...
We're used to depressing cold weather, rain, rain and rain, but a few days ago we were also subject to flooding.

Wanna go for a swim? Used to be a highway...

I'm actually a fan of heavy rain/thunderstorms because, well, they're awesome.
They are!
Can't stand the neverending drizzle that we have so often, which is also why I will (probably) never move to London. And why I have grand plans of taking part of my education in Hawaii, California and/or Australia. Yes please.

Very sweet and deep.
But sorta obvious when you live in a country where the months on average have 8-13 days of rain.
-Which feels like more.

On the bright side we don't have too many religious nutters (okay, one religious nutter is one too many, but still...) in this country of sunshine. So at least we didn't hear any "GOD IS WASHING AWAY THE SINNERS" or "GOD WILL JUDGE YOU!!!" or whatnot. At least not anywhere I looked, haha.

God/Allah/The Holy Überrabbit punishing annoying cabdrivers?
Dancing in the rain is actually pretty awesome, but doesn't stop me from mainly preferring sunshine.

Her kind of love is what I adore
What kind of trouble am I in for
My kind of heaven lies in hells back door
And I got more than I need

Cause I need sunshine

The kind that everybody knows
My sunshine she's finer than a painted rose
Yeah yeah sunshine yeah 
(from "Sunshine" by Aerosmith)

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