Friday, June 10, 2011

And Another One Down, And Another One Down - Another One Bites The Dust!

Five down, two to go.
Hell yes.

This countdown refers to my exams. Only two to go, and I will have one of these beauties resting peacefully on my head:

Come to mama, come ooon, you know you want to...

I know it wants to, too.
Less than two weeks 'till I get it. I'm really scared and really excited, but I know it'll be great.
After I get it I'll have what I expect to be two of the most alcoholic weeks in my entire life.
Oh well, what one doesn't sacrifice for the sake of tradition... *coughs*
And once I do get that sucker you can betcha I will leave my hat on!

You may congratulate me on never having to worry about how the workers of the 19th century felt or why they felt that way, again. It's a great feeling I tell you.

Untill next time...

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