Thursday, May 26, 2011

Yo-Ho, Yo-Ho, A Pirates Life For Me...

Is "yo-ho" short for "hi ya whore"?

Just got home from watching the new Pirates-movie. This is an urgent matter, which I must share with the entire world at once.
Consider it done.
Captain Jack Sparrow is pretty much made of awesome, which is why I cannot dislike any of the movies, even if the stupid people behind it decided to cast Penélope Cruz. Come on! Why???
I guess I'm a fangirl, so I liked the movie. Go watch it. Especially if you have stupid upcoming exams.

Exams! RUN!!!!!

I do. (Have an ass-load of stupid, upcoming, incoming exams).
Which is why I figured dinner with a friend followed by a nice, long, piratey movie was just the thing to do. I'm done with all my written exams, and just need to go through the worst ones where I need to convince ridiculous strangers that I am, in fact, a very nice and clever girl, who deserves a bunch of shining A's.
I'm considering dressing up as a pirate, at least then I could get some fun out of my exams.
I hate the stupid things.

Oh, I'm not allowed to hit the examinator? Even if I'm dressed as a pirate??

Anywho, I should get to bed so I'm fresh for studying tomorrow.
But the internet calls me.

-It does!

Hello sexy priest-y guy. I'm the internet. Come with me. I have a tail and no shirt!

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