Saturday, April 16, 2011

Excuses, Excuses...

I feel like confessing - I'm one of them. SURPRISE!!!
I guess y'all have already guessed by the delightful name of my blog, but I'm great at procrastinating and making excuses.

Cleaning? Oh no, I have homework and a highly important tetris game to attend to!
Homework? Ahhh, I really need to clean my room. And I want to get outside, perhaps even get to do some sports today!
Exercise? I'm afraid I have too much homework, and also it's been to long since I've: had a girls night out/been chilling with this or that friend/relaxed with my family/taken some time to myself!

Pleeeease google me instead of doing constructive things.

It's the great circle of life excuses. Do you see how neatly they fit, so I can make my mind up to do one thing, and then decide that something else is a better idea or more important?

If anybody out there, yes you!, know how to break this way of thinking. Please - clue me in!
If you're statistically minded (or just ready for procrastinating some more) here's a cuddly flowchart of how an evening with homework often works out for me.

I know I'm not the only one, but I didn't know teachers were equally bad. Not my teachers at least. About 2 months ago I turned in my bioreport a week and a half late (a holiday got in my way), which my lovely teacher now uses as an excuse for why I haven't gotten it back yet. Because "since I turned it in late, he can just return it when he gets the time."
But dear, fellow procrastinators you know as well as I, that I will never get it back with that kind of thinking. My hard work will end up in the dark, endless abyss of forgetfulness and procrastination, and overcoming my list of waymoreimportantthingstodo will have been for nothing!

Before I leave, I will let you know that waytoocutehamsterwiththenameofanalcoholicdrink is from Ian's blog-thingy. And... Damn that little thing is sweet, I don't care if I sound like a ten year-old. If you don't love it, just a tiny bit, you have a heart of stone. Or possibly severe allergies, which also makes an acceptable excuse.



  1. Hampsters make me think of Rafa. $20 says he calls it a cunt if he reads this.....

    I think it's cute, though!!

  2. I can't think of anything more important than a Tetris game!! Except maybe taking a nap!

    BTW i have NO idea what Heather can POSSIBLY be talking about! ;)