Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Entertainment Needed.

Long time no see!
Seems that life is dead set (he he) on moving on at a fast pace. Right now, however, not so much. I'm stuck in what might be the most boring class ever. The teacher is this really nice, old, grandpa-ish guy, who speaks in an impressive monotone. Prof. Binns, much?

Actually this particular hour doesn't seem so bad, but that's probably because I didn't hear the assignment. Doesn't seem that anybody else does either, though. A guy in front of me is talking about the persian war, so perhaps somebody heard what we're supposed to do anyways. Everybody else is chatting/eating/singing/Facebook'ing.
I'm fighting the internet, so I at least can watch som Eurosport or whatnot. And kazoom! Why are some sportsoutfits so hideous? Really! Will anybody actually buy them?

Please, please, please be distracted by my boobs.
If I were paid more in a month than most people make in a year, I think I'd be okay with wearing this a couple of times, too.

There wasn't actually any point with this post, other than entertaining myself. At least the pictures should be a source for entertainment for you guys as well.
Papers going around. I'll see if perhaps I can learn something, or... something.

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