Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Muppets Are Evilz! And Brainwashing! Oh, And Sent From Communist China!!!

First of all I'd really, really like to know if this is a serious feature from a serious news channel?
It looks like a classical spoof on the stereotype of "stupid Americans," so if this is for real I'm pretty scared...

Time for a rant!
 I haven't seen the Muppets movie, but to compare it to "communist China" and Mao's propaganda is pretty damn freaky. Muppets are brainwashing kids, it seems. Oh, just like The Day After Tomorrow is a big, bad movie made to brainwash us all. Run while you can!!!

Hey Fox News - The Day After Tomorrow is something called fiction from a place called Hollywood. Ever heard these terms before?
Well, fiction means something that isn't real. In this case it's made for entertainment, and for money. There's this other kind of movies called documentaries, that are supposed to depict reality fairly truthful, but in fiction it's ok to make stuff up! Like, you know, zombies, talking animals, time travel machines and even nature disasters that are overexaggerated. You see, depicting nature exactly as it is, is not likely to become a blockbuster and make loads and loads of money.
Then there's this other thing called science, but no worries, I will not confuse you with that right now.
Hollywood is this place where they make up stuff to get rich, it's basically a money machine. And you know what that is, so I won't get into that.

Why do people that stupid get to control a major media outlet? That's so surreal.

Kermit and his new BFFs.

Haha, oh my goodness. Just watched a bit of it again, and that dude who can't move his face has a pretty hilarious answer when asked if "liberal Hollywood" is using "class warfare" (warfare? Really?) trying to "brainwash our kids": "Yeah, absolutely! And they've been doing it for decades!"
And here's another golden nugget: Occupy Wall Street is evil, liberal Hollywood's fault, because the poor young "have been indoctrinated, litterally for YEARS, with this kind of stuff!"
Also Fox seem to think that the great message in The Day After Tomorrow is that the oil industry is evil. To brainwash people with this point was actually why the movie was made. Damn! Saw right through it - didn't ya, you clever things!

Maybe Fox should start looking at people's education and intellect before hiring them. The host must have an IQ lower than 90 and I highly doubt he graduated high school, because I'm not sure a single intellectual thing left his mouth during those 7 minutes. And he talked quite a bit.

"I just wish liberals would leave little kids alone" said the pretty girl with the big, brown eyes. Am I the only one being reminded of LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE! ?
Gods... Where do they find their show hosts? They actually have staff with less IQ than the male host they started this off with?! I'm... Shocked. Or impressed. I just wish they wouldn't let them on tv, I guess...

Leave Britney alone! And the kids! And the multimillionaires!!!
... Can I have two cheeseburgers and some fries to go, please?

The last, very interesting thing in this feature is, that the only intelligent, educated person is a pretty, blonde girl.
Yes. I laughed.
Here's 7 minutes of "cartoons are actually evil brainwashing and propaganda" and proof of how (some) Americans are worse than the stereotype they try to fight and in comes someone who's probably heard a LOT of blondie-jokes, she definitely looks the part, and then she's actully pretty kick-ass.
So there was something positive in this.


If you didn't read all this I don't blame you. But props if you did.
Just a bit of proof of why education and the ability to think for yourself is important. And I needed to vent.

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