Tuesday, March 15, 2011


This Friday was beautifully spent.
First, 5 hours of intense math (yay!! Or... wait...) and a shitload of candy. Then home to grab a toothbrush and on to one of my friends' house. Her parents are in Norway or something. Out of the house anyways - which is what is important.
Girl has all the Star Wars episodes, so we called it a girls' night with Star Wars.
And don't give me that look. Star Wars is awesome. If you need more reasons, here you go

I really, really want one of those cloaks!

Uh, yeah, the cloaks. Watch it for those. Uh...
And Leia's bunns. They have me laughing flat on my back. I want to get a couple one day. Why not. Just one day, though.
My friend had bought 1kg of candy called "Star Mix", which is nothing short of brilliant. Hey-o themed out night! So just to make sure I got enough sugar that day, I ate some more candy. Woop-di-doo.
As it is necessary for any good movie marathon we ate some pizza (lasagna will do every once in a while), and then some more candy.
We saved II and III for Saturday morning, at which time I had room for some more candy. Oh the joy. Who needs wholegrain bread, fruit and vegetables and that kind of shit anyways? Right!

Good nutrition for the healthy woman.

My workout later that day did not go very well. How strange...
So my evil midterm tests or whatever they're called are over, which means I don't have an excuse to go 75/25 (candy/healthy'n weird stuff) with my nutrition anymore. Damn. Hello carrots.

...is that chocolate?


  1. yay! welcome back charlotte! we've missed you :)

    now then. what the hell does 'stjerne' mean?

  2. Thanks Kage :)

    "Stjerne" means "star". Yum. Candy!